Paramount Jewelers LLC
For the past five months I was looking for an anniversary band for my wife, I went to several jewelry stores to see if one would catch my attention. Well, I finally found the one that I loved which was located at Helzberg Diamond, which is a great jewelry store. The wedding band was retailed for which I thought was a descent price. I didn^t purchase the item, I wanted to shop around more to see if I could find the same item for a better price of course. One day I decided to go to Town East Mall in Mesquite to purchase a pair of sunglasses, as I was heading to the sunglass stand, I notice this jewelry store Paramount Jeweler^s. Initially, I wasn^t going to even consider going in to look because I had already made my decision to purchase the band at Helzberg Jeweler. As I began looking, once again for this certain anniversary band, I came up with nothing as expected. Mr. Eric approaches me and ask if he could help, so I began to explain to him the kind of band I^m looking to purchase. He didn^t have it in the display panel so I tells him the only store that has it was Helzberg. He tells me if I could show him the exact band I^m looking to purchase, he would guarantee he would get that band at a better price. I went on-line to show him the band I was looking to purchase. He says to me if I could wait three days he would have the item for me, not only would he have the band, but it would be a BETTER CLARITY a BETTER COLOR and BIGGER IN CARAT for a BETTER PRICE. He then says to me, you don^t have to put anything down until you have seen the item. Days later he calls and says I have the item do you still want it, yes I replied. When I arrived at the store to see the band I was truly amazed how beautiful it was. Needless to say I purchased the anniversary band with a huge smile... Eric I want to thank you for all that you have done for me brother, you have definitely earned my business.
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