Paramount Jewelers LLC
Being a school teacher most of my life, I have always been in defiance of unethical practices. Honesty is what paramount adheres by. Back in 1998, My husband and I walked into their jewelry store and bought a pair of diamond earrings for my birthday. This was at a different location and paramount was not even opened then. And till this day, 15 years later, I still shop at Lloyds (their second location in town east mall) and paramount, the reason solely being their sincerity, ethical ruling, customer service and above all, reasonable pricing.
There have been numerous occasions where I have traded in my old jewelry, bought countless gifts on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding etc. and referred Paramount to my friends and relatives. Needless to say, I have always been fascinated by their collections and truly want to thank them for taking care of me and my relatives for all their jewelry needs. I am Lucy McDermott and I think paramount should sanction me as “customer for life”.
Grand Prairie
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